Cash Flow & Cost Management

Cash flow Management

Efficient and rapid cash cycle is very vital for every business organization as cash is considered as the backbone of the business. VCFO can help the company to:

  • Building detailed cash flow forecast
  • Reviewing all overdue receivables and accelerating collections
  • Evaluating all trade payables terms, and identifying areas where negotiation is required
  • Exploring opportunities to discount receivables and improve cash flows
  • Reviewing and analyzing inventory ageing
  • Assessing all types of investing and financing activities
  • Reviewing all key banking lines
  • Undertaking sensitivity analysis to develop strategies to increase cash flows
Working Capital Management

We help companies setting up necessary systems and processes to improve working capital management by:

  • Reviewing of working capital management function and setting up necessary team roles and tasks
  • Analyzing receivables and payable cycles and setting benchmarks.
  • Building detailed cash flow forecast and monitoring mechanism.
  • Identifying areas to improve cash flow cycles.
  • Assisting in setting up working capital lines with banks.
Profit Maximization

A CFO plays an important role in helping companies maximize their profits. Since profit is a fact of revenues and costs, one has to look for opportunities to increase revenues and control costs in order to maximize profits. All of our CFO’s have multiple years of experience in identifying even the smallest opportunity for saving costs, and maximizing revenues. These techniques include:

  • Detailed Financial and Trend Analysis.
  • Implementing of Systems and Controls.
  • Better Pricing and Procurement Strategy.
  • Efficient Transaction Structuring.
  • Fine tuning of the business model to improve efficiency and productivity.