Transaction Support

Undertaking a major fundraising transaction or an M&A event or planning for an exit, are very significant transactions that need to be handled carefully. At VCFO, we make use of the collective knowledge of our staff members on all important transactions, as well as supplement your current finance department, to help you undertake various tasks smoothly.

IPO Support

If you don’t have a CFO or if you have one with no relevant IPO experience; we at VCFO step in and act as your Interim CFO to help you with the entire IPO process. Then, when competing the IPO, we help you setting up systems and processes required to undertake public company compliances. Then, this gradually leads to transition various functions to a full time CFO (existing or new).

Here is a brief list of various services that VCFO provides to help companies with their IPO strategy:

Identifying the right deal advisors:

An IPO requires working with many deal advisors including: Investment Bankers, Lawyers, Auditors, Tax Experts, and Financial Diligence Accountants. Having the right one by your side makes a lot of difference to your IPO success. We help you select the right advisor, based on company’s size, industry, funding requirement and business dynamics.

Setting up data room for due diligence:

IPO due diligence is very comprehensive and needs to be done in a time bound manner to attain several arranged milestones as per agreed schedule. We help you set up a data room by collecting information from all your departments, then sort and analyze them before starting diligence exercise.

Building detailed financial forecast model:

Investors, Bankers and Advisors would like to get a detailed financial forecast model, built with sensitivity analysis. We realize the process and assist building the same in proportion to the requirements.

Review of information memo and other documents:

We help you review several deal documents, from management’s perspective.

Investor presentations:

We help you build an investor presentation that will have a tremendous effect and will increase your chances of getting investments.

Investor roadshows:

We work with the management team and guide them appropriately for a successful Investor Road-Show, through teaching them how to make presentations while on a roadshow, dealing with tricky questions, preferred etiquette, recommended actions/reactions to investor inquiries.

Reporting and Compliance:

Post IPO, we help you in set up the right systems and practices to qualify the company to report on time and undertake all compliance; in addition to professionally handling BOD meetings and Investor analyst calls.

M & A Support

At VCFO, our CFO’s have executed many M&A transactions on both the buy-side and the sell-side. We help companies execute their M&A strategy with maximum possible benefits, while maintaining any transaction risk to the minimum.

We help you with the following:

Evaluating the right target:

Undertaking detailed diligence, studying findings from legal and technical diligence and then directing the company on benefits and risks of acquiring a specific target.

Strategizing deal terms:

The deal terms are as important as the deal value to decide if a deal is good or bad. We work by your side and help you make the right decision. Our fees are not based on the deal closure; hence, there is no motivation to push you into any deal without being completely satisfied on deal economics.

Due Diligence

VCFO makes the perfect strategic partner for your requirements whether someone is conducting a due diligence on your organization and you need help getting your data room in place, or whether you are planning to undertake due diligence on some other company and want a comprehensive business and finance diligence.

Feasibility Studies
  • Preparing any feasibility studies required for any kind of investments, new projects, expansions, and valuating any available investment opportunity.
  • Feasibility studies include market studies, technical studies and financial studies.